Who wants to know what a happy germ is???

Find out a what a happy germ is hahahah

Anna, you're crazy if you had the time to find all of these. Haha but this one is pretty crazy!

hahaha that was interesting and funny! :)

lmao. that was sooo funny. my favorite part had to be the end when they all got zapped! … seriously tho…who looks up happy germ on youtube? ;) lol.

no kidding how did you find that?!
-eileen sorenson

that was very entertaining i would have to say!!
-Brice Buryanek

Wow.. how did you find this.. I think it was pretty funny, and the drawing abilities of the artists.. amazing.. lol.. but the best part is the zap and smoke of the plate..
-Brandon Waszgis

I can't believe that was a commerical..
a permann

Wow. Just wow.
-Melissa Whiteley

I found another funny video about germs. haha
-Melissa Whiteley

disturbing/hilarious video involving a little person dancing in pajamas
-Melissa Whiteley

Loved all these videos and I would have to say I will never think about bacteria in the same way again!

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