thoughts about handwashing experiment

I was thinking at the handwashing experiment and was wondering if maybe the real difference is not the number of bacteria present, but the type of bacteria present on washed and unwashed hands. I think this would be very interesting to investigate. What does everyone else think? Is this a possibility? This could be the real positive side to washing hands. It may get rid of the bacteria that we do not want and keep the normal flora present.


I never thought of that. Thanks. So, the people who saw no change between washed and unwashed could, potentially, have had mostly all bacteria that was resistant to the soap and the people who saw a change had more bacteria effected by the soap. I think your thought is entirely possible. I mean, this course seems to be mostly based on the fact that bacteria can develope resistance to treatments like antibiotics (life finds a way to survive). Why should antibacaterial soap be any different? I agree, it would be interesting to look into more.

Ryan H

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