Sept. 10 Notes

Bacteria shapes
a. Bacilli : Rod shaped/cylinder
*one axis is longer than the other
*No special terms for arrangements of Bacilli

b. Cocci : Sphere/round
i. Staphylococci - gram +
- Looke like bunches of grapes
ii. Streptococci - gram +
- looks like beads on a string (necklace)
c. Spirilla - Longish, flexible, curled/corkscrew shaped rods
d. Spirochetes - Syphilis and some dental bacteria
- Corkscrew ( more extreme than that of spirilla )
- Very slender
- Rigid
- Have an internal flagellum
- spin like corkscrews (can bore into bone)
II.) a. Nucleoid: bacterial Chromosome wrapped up in a tight bunch.
b. To use DNA, bacteria use 2 enzymes to unwrap DNA bunch; DNAgyrase, Topoisomerase IV

From: Cody Kruckenberg

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