sep 10 note

bacterial shapes
1. bacilli - rod-shaped cylinder, one axis is longer than another.

2 types of cocci- sphere/round

b. staphylococci - gm(+)look like bunches of grapes
c. streptococci- gm(-) string of beads

3. spirilla - longish, flexible curled/ corkscrew shaped rods.
4. spirochetes - syphilis, some dental bacteria, corkscrew, very slender. have an internal flagellum, spin like corkscrew.

II. a. Nucleoid: bacterial chromosome wrapped up in a tight bunch.

b. To use DNA, bacteria use 2 enzymes to unwrap DNA bunch: DNAgryrase.
c. DNA gryase and Topoisomerase IV are unique to bacteria.

question of the day: Why did we use the antibiotics that we used for the treatment of the victoms of the anthrax letters?

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