Thanks for a fun semester Dr. Robson! I learned a lot that will be helpful for pharmacy school!
-Brady Helmink

I cannot believe that the semester is almost over. It has gone by way too fast!
-eileen sorenson

Only 8 days. Wow it has gone by fast.
-Brice Buryanek

Im really excited but I will miss seeing Robson in Micro! Especially the dance moves and cute outfits!
-Briana Dietrich

I agree- I'll also miss being informed about her favorite shoes ;) good times…

I cannot believe the school year has gone by this fast. WOW.. last lab today :(
- Brandon Waszgis

I love lab
-Colin Schroeder

Not as much as me colin!!
-Brice Buryanek

haha now guys no more arguing on how much you love lab b/c no one will miss it more then me!! :D…. but anywho… i can not believe it either, only one more test in this class and its done. CRAZY!

i actually kind of had fun. even though the lab typically smelled pretty raunchy. the incubator stench sometimes made me gag. lol

I will definetly miss Dr. Robson's goofiness!! No other teacher is like her but more should be!! Lab was a blast and surprisingly i learned alot too!! :)

K guys this is HILARIOUS!!! watch it… Ohh and i will also miss Dr. Robson!!

that is funny and i wont miss her cause i got Dr. Robson again next semester for genetics..Oh yes who is jealous!!
-Brice Buryanek
i really enjoy micro class. it probably one of the most exciting science class i have had :D

Yeah Genetics… looking forward to that.
a permann

Haha Brandi, that video is hilarious! I feel so bad for the little kid at the end tho… that had to hurt! lol

I think it gets funnier as the slow it down even more!! Did you see her FLY!!! hahaha i laughed sohard.. It was like an ab workout!

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