I thought it might be kinda interesting to see the different research projects people are doing…

In our research project, we looked at the pathogenic nematode, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, and how the bacteria within it affected moth larvae. In these nematodes, bacteria P. luminescens and X. nematophila are natural flora that help the nematode eat the larvae from the inside out. With this knowledge, we treated the nematodes with ampicillin, tetracycline, and then a mix of the two to see if it would kill the nematode's natural flora (the bacteria). After treating the nematodes, we exposed the treated nematodes to moth larvae to see whether the moth larvae survived. Our research is yet to be finished…so we'll see if the moth larvae live!

Our group is looking at the bacteria found on old used mascara brushes. We wanted to know if cosmetic companys were telling the truth when they said not to share make up because you would be sharing bacteria as well.

Our group tested for E.coli on public and private toliets! the results were very good and we did not find any E.coli in any of the toliets in dimmit, but we did find some on the walmart toliet! It was a fun and very interesting research project! :)
-becky lenhart

well our group, BSK, is doing the whole reptiles thing. testing the ventral and dorsal sides of the turtles to see how much salmonella grows on each side and if there is a significant difference…. its pretty exciting so far and we just can't wait to finish our lab report tomorrow!
Brandi, Shelby, Katie…. aka BSK!

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