Question: For our research projects, they are in small groups? so we technically don't have to do an "individual" report, or is that wrong?
Also, if we do the reptile research, that counts toward our research project, or do we have to do another one on top of that? I'm slightly confused… go figure.

Ok, well I am kind of on the right track now… are we going to have to submit things to Chad first, and then to Dr. Robson? If we are doing the reptile experiment? Also, if you haven't already, you should definitely go and check out the new bullsnake addition to the lab… yup, she's pretty sweet! Only about 4 feet long, but hey, it's still a snake ;) tootles!

Dr. Robson - how do I change our individual wiki site so that it will allow anyone to join? So far, I've had to individually invite everyone… HELP!!

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