quorum sensing labs

quorum sensing is communication among bacteria, different gene expression at low vs. high population density.
vibrio fischeri and hawaiian bobtail squid - squid that has light organ which contain vibrio fischeri. at high population density, it is able to break ATP to create energy to produce light (luciferase gene).
quorum sensing bacteria also have AI receptor on surface of cells.
when AI bond to its receptor, it triggers a change in bacteria gene expression.
AI diffuse from area of high concentration to low concentration.
AI bond to it autoinducer receptor when bacteria is at high population density.
a. inoculated testtubes of seawater agar with v.fischeri.
b. let incubate for about 24 hrs with lots of O2 flow, and at 25 degree C.
c. observe to see if they glow
d. streak on one side of MSA, EMB, and nutrient agar plates along with another bacteria.


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