• why are cells so small?

Cells are small because they need to be able to diffuse through materials easily. Also, materials inside and outside of the cell need to easily pass through the cell membrane, which makes it harder and slower for the materials to pass through the cell membrane
-Eileen Sorenson

Cells are so small because the cell surface area fits in with what the cells task is. The small size of the cell helps with the diffusion and osmosis which is a vital part of what some cells do. The cell size and volume are inter-related. Also, if cells were bigger in volume and surface area some molecules that are not supposed to get through may end up slipping through the cell walls or gates.

Being small allows cells to adapt easier to environmental changes, have larger populations, and complete their functions more efficiently because the have less restrictions to to set areas due to their small size.
-Sam Emerick

most every living thing can be broken down to its simplest form of life, cells. I think that the reason why cells are small is because it is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure the survival of the species. Bacteria appear, to me, to be one of the most efficient organisms on the planet, especially after seeing some of the plates in lab. They have developed a way , possibly through evolution, to ensure the survival of their species. Thats just what I think.
Ryan H

Cells are small so that they don't have to move necessary materials very far. This small size aids in diffusion, and helps them to be able to quickly adapt to a changing environment.
-Chrissy S.

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