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I am a little worried about starting the policy papers. I had to do them before in C&C, but they took a lot of work, and I'm very un-creative when it comes to deciding what policy I should try to enforce or what to even start my paper on. As far as trying to figure out how to lessen bacterial resistance, I am completely lost for ideas. I'm sure it's going to take a lot of research because I don't really know anything about how bacteria becomes resistant, or what actions are being taken to make sure that antibiotics are continually effective even when bacteria are becoming resistant. Despite my worries, I'm sure that the policy papers are going to be very informative and actually probably quite interesting. So, I'm hoping for the best :)

I have no idea what my topic about my policy paper should be. I'm worried that almost anything that could be thought of, has already been discussed. I like to be creative, but I have no where to start.

I am also in the same boat as Laci. I am getting really nervous for it because i have no idea where to even start this policy paper. If anyone has any extra ideas, you should hit me up! HAHAHA..: )
—Brandi Burke

I am really stressed about this paper too. I have no clue what my topic is going to be. This is frustrating.
-Eileen Sorenson

Something I like to do when I'm stuck on a topic is just search for more information on it. For instance, see what wikipedia has to say about antibiotic resistance.

Another thing that might be helpful is to think about other interests you have, or things you might like to do after you graduate. For instance, Kelsey is really into animal welfare, so she might be interested in learning more about CAFOs. Or if you're interested in pediatric nursing, you might want to write about whether children should be vaccinated for common childhood infections, such as S. pneumoniae, which can cause ear infections, rather than just treating the kids' symptoms with antibiotics after the kids get sick.

Hope this helps!

Like everyone….I have no idea as to what to do my topic on….I will go and try wikipedia and see what I can find…like Brandi if anyone has any extra ideas just let me know!
Molly O'Neill

ok so i was thinking about doing antibiotic resistance of over the counter medicine such as advil… does this sound like a good idea? im also very nervous about this paper but i think it will go ok.
Shelby Pomerenke

Okay, so everyone is wondering what they're going to write about….so i guess i'll wonder too, i was wondering if maybe the subject of taking amoxicillin incorrectly would be a good topic relating to anitbiotic resistance…whether it be not taking it long enough, or taking it to much, anyone think its a good topic??
-Colin Schroeder

I emailed Dr. Robson about more topic ideas and this is what she sent back to me and she said I could share it:

There are a bunch of ways you could go with this. First of all, identify
a *specific* problem you've noticed with antibiotic prescriptions. For

  • People don't take all their abx when they're prescribed


  • People hoard antibiotics, and then self-medicate when they feel like

they're coming down with something

  • People demand abx from their doctors, even after being told they have a

viral infection
Then, think of a way to fix this problem. This is easier if you figure
out what level of governance you're going to pretend to be at. For
instance, if you wanted to address the problem of hoarding, you could
pretend you were with a county health department, and come up with some
sort of program to get people to turn their unused abx in to the county
health department. Remember, you don't have to be someone with the
state/local/federal government—you can also pretend to be a CEO of an
insurance company, or the head nurse at a hospital, or the founder of a
charity, or all sorts of things.

—Eileen Sorenson

I am actually slightly more excited about the policy papers now because I took Dr. Robson's advice and decided to persure factory farming and the dangers of using antibiotics (which help decrease diseases in such large numbers of animals) and antibiotic resistance. I am still worried about putting a policy paper together, so my rough draft is definitely going to be "rough". Hopefully that's ok?

After lots of debating on what to do my policy paper on i think I decided to write about how MRSA infections can be avoided with proper care of the health facilities workers. Since figuring out what i was aiming for it was easier to find information and write the policy!
-Brandi Burke

I am so happy that the policy paper due date got moved!
-Eileen Sorenson

It is a relief our policy papers due date was moved. I think I'm going to do mine on changing the policy on how long drug manufactures patents last before other companies can produce a generic of the same drug without patent protection. We can use our revenge of the microbes as a source i hope even though it is not a scientific journal.
-Brice Buryanek

I am writing my policy paper on how many times antibiotics are used on viral infections when they shouldn't because they do not help, but only add to antiboitic resistance and can even make it worse on the viral infection.
-Becky Lenhart

Def'ly excited the policy paper due date was moved, but now I'm wishing I just would have gotten it done right away. Oh well…anyway, I've decided to do mine on the benefits of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and how pneumonia prevention can lessen bacterial resistance in the long run. It was mentioned before and sounded like a good idea.
-Sarah Schreur

ok so im totally changing my topic because i hate my old one and i am changing it to the problem of high school sports teams sharing drinks and sharing infections. i think it is a pretty good one and A LOT better then my last one… if you have any feedback let me kno. thanks
shelby pomerenke

your topic sounds like it will have lots of information and i believe that you will get a lot of community involvement when we have our discussions. so you BETTER be ready to answer lots of parents hard questions about their kids and infectious diseases being passed around through water bottles! : )
-Brandi Burke

Shelby - I think that your topic sounds good too. I am actually doing something really similar but I am doing specifically staph infections. But there is a lot of info out there on stuff like that. GOOD LUCK!
-Melissa Whiteley

Since everyone else is shedding light on what topic they are looking towards, i will too. I'm gonna do something with meningitis and how it affects/relates to the college atmosphere. I thought of meningitis because I've had meningitus and I know that it can be very serious/fatal.
-Cody Kruckenberg

After doing the policy paper and presenting it I feel pretty good about it. Yes, I did complain about it at first but it was helpful doing the research and trying to figure out your own way of preventing the antibiotic resistance. Im glad we did this assignment, only if I do well!
-CJ Gradoville

After going to the discussions today.. i am kind of wishing i would have gone a different way actually in writing my paper. i don't know if i was thorough enough now.. but i think in doing this assignment i learned a lot and i think the information i did learn, i will follow since MRSA does affect pretty much my every day life since it can happen to football players..
-Brandon Waszgis

After presenting my policy, most people now know I work at Jolly Time Popcorn. If anyone is interested in checking out the facility let me know and I can set up a tour if you want. I am also tying to get some free popcorn for everyone, but it is still in the works.
-Ryan Hanks

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