Oct. 15 notes

What is a hemocytometer?
*something to count cells by
*bacteria is in liquid, then placed on slide
*bacteria is counted in boxes, then averaged and calculated

Optical Density
*light it sent thru a sterile sample and a detector determines how much light passed thru sample and
how much bounced back

Pour Plate
*count colonies by each individual colony of offspring of one bacterium
*anaerobic conditions under agar
*some bacteria killed by agar

Serial Dilution
*1 sample of bacteria can be used to get a countable number

Pseudomonas aeruginosa and biofilms
*biofilms- dense layers of lipids, proteins, and sugars that protect bacteria
*pseudomonas aeruginosa- quorum sensing, biofilms only made at high population density
*biofilms increase ability of P. aeruginosa to cause disease
-Kelsey Prosser

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