Sept 8 notes

Monday September 8, notes
A) Viruses
-genetic material surronded by protein
-viruses do not have organelles (ribosomes) so they need a host cell to hook on to
-no metabolism (can't use energy on their own)
1) DNA viruses
DNA genome (ex: Herpes Simplex I)
2) RNA viruses
RNA genome
-Retroviruses: have an RNA genome
-transcribe RNA-Dna-RNA
-often cause cancers
example is HIV
3) Viroids: loops of DNA that can copy selves in host cell

B) Prion: self replicating protein
ex: mad cow disease/ Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
humans: creudtfelt-jacob
Prions convert other proteins into prions
The proteins are already denatured
Proteins function is based on its shape and the shape of the protein is based on its:
-amino acid sequence
environmental conditions (ph, temp)

C) Eukaryotic cell is usually bigger than bacteria
D) Epulospsicium: this type of bacteria is bigger and you can usually see it with the naked eye
Molly O'Neill

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