New test date thoughts

The next exam has been moved to Tuesday, November 18. There were only two votes for any other date.

Sorry that I'm just now getting you this information…I repeatedly tried to e-mail this to the whole class over the weekend, but the Morningside server kept not sending my e-mail out.

Best, Dx. RR

I think it would be good to have the test moved to Nov. 13 and i am also glad the lab reports are moved to monday giving us more time to work on it.
-Brice Buryanek

I agree, I'm very glad the lab report date is moved. Thanks! However, we have an Organic Chemistry test next WEDNESDAY so I almost would prefer to have the Micro test kept for next Tuesday… ONLY because every other test for Organic has come PRIOR to Micro, and therefore I put forth all my effort studying for Organic, which leaves me only a single day to study for Micro. If we have the Micro test before Organic, then I will be forced to study more for Micro which will help me to be better prepared for the exam. Then we have that taken care of and out of the way so that we will only have our Organic test to deal with… And that would also make the end of the week less hectic since Thursdays are already my worst day :(

I'm also so happy that the lab reports were moved! :) I think it would be good to move the test to Thursday just because we will probably all be doing our lab reports and not have much time to study if the test is Tuesday. But, i totally understand what Kelsey is saying about the Organic Chem test and we changed the date last time because of one of my tests so I'm fine with keeping it Tuesday to make up for changing it last time!
-Carey Baczwaski

I am actually working on my lab report right now! Good thing its due on Monday instead of tomorrow. I really like the idea of having the test moved until Thursday. I understand what Kelsey is going through and I would be fine with keeping it on Tuesday because the class sympathized with the nursing students' situation for a previous exam. However, the National Nursing Accredidation group (or whatever their formal title is) is coming next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Our Health Assessment professor asked her students to attend her lecture next Tuesday so that the accredidation people could talk to us. Many of us told her that we were unable to make it because we had a Microbiology Exam. The lecture time is set for 1 o'clock I think….but it would look good for Morningside if some students could make it to this discussion. I'm just glad I'm not in Organic Chemistry.
—Laci Swanson

yes i think that mary would be very happy to come and talk to the national nursing accreditation group because we NEED that accreditation. so i think it should be on thursday. and also we have 3 papers due on monday and tuesday so i would want it on thursday! im going to vote for it now :)
shelby pomerenke

I have to vote with Kelsey to keep the test on Tuesday. Not only do I have an Organic test on Wednesday, also I have a Sociology test on Thursday, which I know doesn't affect very many people here, but I would like to spread these tests out as much as possible.
-Jamie Maguire

Oh geez! I forgot about that one too… I also have the Intro to Soci test on Thursday, so TUESDAY PLEASE!!!

I am very glad that they lab reports got changed.. and i think that they test should be on thursday.. I am in the soci class also, however i know that i will not study for that test till after the micro test anyways. So Test THURSDAY»»»»>
We cannot change our schedule of having Micro test on thursdays so continue the tradition..
-Brandon Waszgis

Does anyone know what the final decision is for our vote about the test date?
-Carey Baczwaski

Not sure, but I just realized that some of also have nursing clinicals at 5 a.m. this Tuesday…so Thursday next week please! :)
—Laci Swanson

i wish i knew when the test was :(…. im going to freak if it is on tuesday!
shelby pomerenke

Shelby, I will freak out with you :)
Laci Swanson

Well none of us need to freak out because the test is on the 18th! YAAY.. phew that took a load off of me for a couple days! : )
—Brandi Burke

THANK YOU!! It is nice to have a few extra days to study - YAY!!

Yeah no doubt its is nice to know when it is!! makes me a lil bit less stressed out but wish we had a reveiw session!!!
—jason jackson

-one less test to worry about for awhile! :) def happy it got moved! :)

I'm so happy the test got moved I have so many things going on this week it's crazy!
Thank you Dr. Robson!
-Eileen Sorenson

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