methanol vs heat fixing

After doing the heat fixing and methanol fixing I did not notice any difference between the heat fixing and methanol fixing of e. coli and s. epiderm slides. To me they seemed to look the same or very very similar in that I was able to make out the difference between gram positive and gram negative as well as the shape of the bacteria. My partner and I just did heat and methanol fixing of the e. coli and the s. epiderm bacteria and judged how easily it was to tell properties of the bacteria. We researched what the bacteria should look like and went from there.

i agree cj i thnk that the results were similar. the wiping of the ethanol before hand seemed to be a useless step in the process. my results had no big difference in the way the bacilli type bacteria was stained. the heat fixed slide and the methanol slide looked to be an equal quality.
Jason jackson

In today's lab, I did not see a real big difference in the different procedures and the side effects of those procedures. In the bacteria that we used was B. subcilis, and when looking at this bacteria on the slide it was hard for us to see whether it was a bacilli or coccus bacteria.
Brandon Waszgis

I also agree and did not see any difference in my results for the two gram staining techniques. I found wiping the slides off with the ethanol before kept my bacteria samples in a situated spot on the slide, instead of spreading all over(not sure if that was suppose to happen or not!) Also, it was good to know that you don't have to wash and blot after applying the ethanol to our gram stains, as my end results were a lot better than they normally are!
-Carey Baczwaski

It was difficult to tell which technique was better. We tested a gram positive staphlococci and gram negative bacilli and found that the heat fixing looked very similar to what we found on internet sources. The methanol fixing showed similar results as well. I think its important not to OVER heat fix and I think this is how some bacteria become smeared.
alex permann

I felt that the using the methanol technique helped make my gram stains better. I thought both worked well but when I used the methanol technique my results were easier to read. The methanol takes a little longer then just heat fixing your gram stain but I think it is worth it!

I used the methanol fixation technique on our 3rd test, and I did better than on the 2nd test with just the gram staining. I honestly didn't see much of a difference between the two techniques so I must have just lucked out with the methanol fixation.

I really dont think that the methanol produces results that are great enough to rule out heat fixing. Although I really cant say that for sure from only comparing the two during one lab period. I think that the extra steps with methanol need to be fairly precise. You need to be sure you follow them perfectly in order to see noticible difference. I think that with this increased stress on precedure doesn't make the methanol all that better when heat fixing is so easy. You'd be better off to heat fix a few slides and compare them all than go through methanol gram staining.
-Cody Kruckenberg.

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