Independent Research

I think the independent research is going good and i think working at our own pace and doing things as we need. I also am happy we don't have another report to do besides the one we are working on now. This way we can spend all our time on the independent research projects and make then really really good.
-Brice Buryanek

yeah i know what ya mean… i don't think i could handle both lab report 3 and the independent research. i also thing its all going pretty good so far. the turtles today were a little creepy. one kept bitting my leg! how many people are doing the independent research with the reptiles?
shelby pomerenke

no doubt the pace at which we are doing our Independent research projects is very stress free and i like how we can get the ideas out without having to be hurried along. I know i would not have been able to handle the lb3 and our indy….thank u so much dr.RR
jason jackson

I am excited to see the results from our research project and see if and how dirty the toilets are!

I agree with Brice - Our research project is fun - what could be better than getting to play with animals for a research project? lol - We do need to figure out how to actually run our research and collaborate our data.

I am so happy that the research project is not due until the 15th now!
-Eileen Sorenson

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