You should definitely be Sarah Palin… you'd be really cute, and it'd be fun. Or you should be Tina Fey dressed as Sarah Palin… that'd be even better! :)

I agree with Kelsey…it would be really hilarious:D
~Emily Peterson

the whole idea of as dr.robson as sarah palin and very funny… i think the choice is clear it has to be sara palin. i do not think she could pass for mccain although i might get a laugh out of that also!!
jason jackson

did anyone see palin at west high on saturday? i wish i would have gone.
alex permann

I think you should definately be Palin for Halloween…there's nothing scarier
-eileen Sorenson

I think that you should be Sarah Palin this year it will may be a once in a life time opportunity! Also its more orginal.

I also would agree that Sarah Palin is the best choice. It would be even better if Dr. Robson can pull off the Alaskan accent.

It's either now or never!! Sarah palin!
Britt Williamson

Yaay for Sarah Palin! Dr. Robson should definitley wear hear costume to school on Friday!!
Brandi Burke

If she does wear it, someone will have to bring their camera and takes some pictures to put on facebook for everyone to see!!
-Brice Buryanek

My parents just went and saw her on sat!
shelby pomerenke

what is everyone being for halloween tomorrow morning?!
shelby pomerenke

Well Shelby.. Since I have wrestling practice tomorrow morning i'll most likely be going as an extremely tired and overworked college student.
Cody Kruckenberg

Sarah Palin wins by a landslide.. haha..
Cody Kruckenberg..

Kudos to Dr. Robson! Very cute Sarah Palin ;) There will be pictures uploaded here shortly… no worries!

IF YOU'D LIKE TO SEE DR. ROBSON IN HER HALLOWEEN ATTIRE, GO TO THE 'FILES' LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, AND THEN BELOW CLICK ON THE IMAGES… they should be titled with something about Sarah Palin, and then should upload. :)

Great job Dr. Robson loved the accent and the attire!
-Eileen Sorenson

-I thought the accent in class was hilarious, the change of costumes and personality might have been better, but the small pox presentation was the best

-Dr. Robson you were an amazing sarah palin!!!! I loved the accent the most! :)

I really think Dr. Robson should dress like TB, it would more interesting.
-Hoa Le
The Palin costume was great, it makes me wonder what the TBvictim would have looked like though.
-chrissy s.

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