August 27

I. Bacteria is the most dominant form of life on earth, bacteria has overwhelming dominance in numbers and living matter.
a. numerical dominance - in 1 colony of bacteria can have 1 billion different bacteria's
mass dominance - bacteria vs. all other living organisms
*Bacteria out weighs everything on earth if it is not a bacteria*
b. longevity dominance - bacteria has been around for 3.5 billion years
Individual bacteria cannot live long on their own. Single bacterium can sometimes survive millions of years.
c. environmental dominance - bacteria are largely responsible for our 20% oxygen in atmosphere. created by photosynthesis.
d. infectious diseases - diseases caused from bacteria and viruses
infectious diseases are one of the leading causes of death
e. normal flora - normal bacteria that live on us as humans (symbiont)-live together and help each other out. (10% of total body weight)
all over our body's*help digest food
*make vitamins in our body we use (vitamin K- bacteria in our stomachs make this vitamin)
*occupy niches on body, out compete pathogens (virus or bacteria that cause disease)
*endosymbiosis - mitocondria (organelle that makes ATP) have own DNA, cell membrane like bacteria, can be killed by antibiotics, same mechanism to make ATP as bacteria.

II. Spontaneous generation
a. life can form from non-living material.
b. evidence was found to prove not dispute.

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