Ames Test

1.Obtain 1 GMSA plate for each chemical liquid, plus 1 for the positive control, and 1 for negative control.
2.Using a micropipettor and sterile technique, pipet .2 mL of Ames strain S. typhimurium broth culture on to each plate.
3.Using a sterilized glass spreading rod, evenly distribute the bacterial broth across the surface of the agar.
4. Sterilize all liquids being tested by passing through a sterile filter with a sterile, disposable syringe. Then pour a little amount of
chemical onto a sterile plastic petri plate.
5. Using sterile tweezers, pick up a sterile paper disk and soak the disk in the sterile chemical liquid on the petri dish.
6. Place the disk in the center of the agar, lightly tapping on it.
7. Compare the bacterial growth to the positive and negative control plates after being incubated at least 96 hours at 37 degrees C.
Chemicals that cause mutations will have a ring affect of bacteria around the white disk, while those that do not will not have the ring.

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